Thursday, November 4, 2010

10:30 pm update

When I called to check on Claire around 5:30 pm today, the nurse said she had just experienced an episode of apneas and bradys again.  She sounded a little concerned and apologized for the "bad news".  So I went into worry-mode and we went on back to the hospital.  We go back every night anyways, so that's nothing new.  I was just a little more anxious tonight than I have been in about a week! 

We talked to Claire's doctor when we arrived and they had already drawn labs.  She said her caffiene level was fine but her hematocrit was borderline low.  So they plan to watch her throughout the night to see how she does.  If she seems to have more As and Bs, they will probably give her another blood transfusion.  The nurse that she has tonight is awesome and is watching her closely to see if the As and Bs could be caused by her feeds too.  I will definitely be checking up on her tonight (which is also nothing new - surprise, surprise to the ones who know me!).

A cute surprise was that Claire had on new toboggan tonight!  SO cute!  I sure wish I could knit or crochet b/c I would be making her so many hats.  I never thought I would be a hat person, but these knitted/crocheted toboggans are just too cute.  Especially the preemie size ones that fit her perfectly.  Check out the one tonight.  I kept calling her my little snow bunny.  We also read her a book from Aunt Mimi/Manda and Colby about farm animals.  She loved it!  Oh, and she also weighed 4 lbs 4 ounces.  She's growing like a weed (a USDA certified organic one at that). 

So we will be praying for a good night tonight! 

The Scott Family

PS - I got a little obsessed with taking pictures tonight of her new hat.......but she was just too cute!

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