Friday, November 5, 2010

Spoke too soon!

It has been quite an eventful day for Claire.  It seems that it started around 10:30 AM when the doctors ordered Claire to have another blood transfusion.  Claire has had many apnea and rapid breathing spells and Bradycardia episodes overnight and this morning and they seemed to get worse around 3 PM (which is kinda abnormal for Claire these days).  The doctors checked Claire's hermaticrit and caffeine levels and found that her caffeine levels came back normal but her hermaticrit (red blood cells) count was low; 27.  They want to see this number somewhere between 35-40.  For the blood transfusion, they had to put an IV line through Clarie's foot to transfer to new blood.  They also had to give Claire a does of Lasix which will help with the excess fluid build up in her body.         

Around 6:30 PM tonight, the doctors decided to do an ultrasound on the liver and also an Echocardiogram on Claire's heart to see what was going on.  They found out that the liver was back up to about 6 cms which is the same size that it was at the last draining.  They also found that the pulmonary artery from the heart had narrowed some since the last time they checked it.  However, they said that was "normal" and believe that it is the liver cyst causing all of the apnea spells and bradys.    

As of now, they have not said what their plans are and whether or not they will have to drain it again.  Unfortunately, this all means that Claire has been moved back down to the ICN (Intensive Care Nursery) where she use to "live".  As Rebecca said tonight, we spoke to soon when we said we were having another "boring (uneventful)" day at Duke.  We will never say that again :) Claire is going to remain in her crib, but they have placed her on a heating blanket to keep her temperature up since it was dropping.  Claire is also on a catheter and they will be testing her urine to make sure there is no sign of infections.  She will be off of her feeds for at least 12 hours after her transfusion so hopefully Rebecca can start nursing starting again tomorrow.  

On the other hand, Trent was able to come to Duke for a surprised visit for Rebecca and Claire.  Rebecca had no idea he was coming, and when she turned around she saw him!!!  What a great surprise!!! He brought her a rose and surprised her with a hair re-do (cut and highlight) tomorrow morning!  He sure knows how to turn a stressful day into something sweet for Mommy :)  He also had something else up his sleeve... a secret spa day to get a massage, pedicure, and manicure which is on tap for next week.  Mommy said Daddy can keep the surprises coming!!!!!!!  Rebecca also had some visitors from back home today.  It is always nice to see some familiar faces around Duke.  

Rebecca and Treat really appreciate all of the prayers and sweet thoughts that truly get them through the day. It is hard to see the good somethings when so many stressful things are happening all around you.  Claire is such a fighter and sure does know how to let the doctors know that something is just not "right" and we are thankful that she is able to do so.  If it wasn't for Claire having all of these episodes, we would not know what was happening inside her tiny tummy!  Please keep everyone in your prayers as they try to figure out what to do next with little miss Claire bear :)   

Aunt Mimi 

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  1. Everyone in the big town of Rhems, NC has the prayers going up for baby claire. We Love Ya'll!! Aaron, Carla and Boys