Thursday, November 4, 2010

Today has been yet another good day for Claire!  When we got there this morning, she was all bundled up and didn't even squirm when I started loving on her.  She was way too comfortable to be woken up.  We practiced feedings today and Claire did awesome.  The lactation consultant said she could be on a training video!  She ended up eating 10 mLs and then got the rest from the syringe. 

"Gosh Mom, please stop taking pictures of me!!!"

There is not much to report really except that she is growing, sleeping, eating and being loved.  We love the "boring days" when not much happens except weight gain and fun things. 

We did want to mention as it gets closer to flu and cold season, please be aware if you feel sick or have been around anyone who has been sick if you plan to come visit.  Claire is now in an open crib and doesn't have the protection from the isolette walls and doors. Please get your flu and t-dap shots!  Protect yourself and Claire (and all the other babies in the unit). 

Also, please check out the photo of the gift below.  It was left on Anita's back door a few weeks ago without a card!  Let us know if you are the gracious giver of this gift.  It had Halloween items for Claire, socks, and clothes in it.  We appreciate it and want to be able to thank whoever gave it to Claire!

Thanks for the prayers!!!!!!!
The Scott Family

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