Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Claire needs your prayers...

Rebecca sent me a quick text so I could update the blog for her. She and Mom left our house by 6:30am this morning and will plan to stay through shift change tonight. Trent came up today and spent the day with Claire, Rebecca and Mom! :)

Claire is 7 weeks old today! Wow! 7 weeks! I can't believe it! She is such a gift from God!! She weighs 5lbs 10 oz! I believe she is still in the Transitional Care Nursery but apparently she had a difficult night last night. Her belly girth continues to increase and she vomited some of her milk last night. The doctors did an xray to check her belly and it came back showing no negative results. They decided to decrease her feeds today to see if that helps. There really isn't a clear understanding of why this is happening.

Claire needs your prayers of strength and healing!

We love you,
Aunt Julie

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  1. I would throw up too, with all the poking around, and sticking in tubes and taking them out and such.

    Man. Claire is doing Mighty, seems to me....

    The Thanksgiving Day offerings lift up Claire's mighty good accomplishments.