Monday, November 22, 2010

Making changes

Claire was able to start eating a little bit of breast milk today!  She was so excited!  We fed her from a bottle a few times and she sucked it right down.  The nurse will be putting the NG tube back into her nose tonight so they can feed her that way too so she doesn't get so worn down trying to eat.  We are praying everything goes good with the feeds!! 

The doctors took her off of her antibiotics today as well as her caffeine.  We will see what happens with no caffeine.  She's had that since she was born to help stimulate her brain to remember to breathe.  Claire should be growing out of that apnea phase, so she shouldn't need the caffeine anymore.  The physical therapist came back by to work with Claire, but she was too fussy today.  She knew it was close to eating time, so she didn't feel like exercising.  She should also have her 2nd eye exam tomorrow.  This time I will NOT be in the room this time!!!! 

So we are praying that the feeds go well and that Claire tolerates them.  She will be much happier if she can eat!

The Scott Family


  1. She is getting soooooooooooooo big! She is a beautiful, healthy, happy looking baby to me.
    Hope her ey exam goes well tomorrow. Remember: Prayers going up and blessing coming down.

  2. yay! I'm glad Claire got to start on the breastmilk and I know you are as well! Hey, none of us want to exercise on an empty stomach, do we? haha! Take care, we are all praying for you!

  3. Now THAT picture is the "cover issue picture"
    Man, what a great lookin' kid!

    Thanks, God, you really made a beauty this time!