Tuesday, November 23, 2010

On the move....again

Claire had a pretty good day today.  She has eaten all of her milk since yesterday by bottle!  The nurses put the NG tube back in just in case, but she has not had to use it yet.  But the more milk they give her, she may have to use the tube some. 

She also had her eye exam today and it went great!  Of course, I left the room this time.  But Granny stayed in there and said she did great.  The blood vessels in her eyes are growing exactly how they should be and Claire should have no vision problems. 

When I called tonight to check on her, the nurse said she had been moved back to TCN (Transitional Care Nursery - the step down nursery).  So we are keeping our fingers crossed that she doesn't get shipped back to ICN like she has the past 2 times. 

Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers!!!  With Thanksgiving coming up this week, we are reminded how thankful we are for so many things this year. 

The Scott Family

washing up to see Claire

eating like a big girl

getting this burping thing down pat

Who needs a paci when you have a thumb!

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  1. Go Claire GO!! We love you and miss you. Looking good gals!