Monday, November 15, 2010

Follow up post

Today when I got to the hospital, I found the sweetest, most beautiful little girl waiting on me.  She is just too precious for words.  She was sleeping so soundly and looked so comfortable.  She had an ok night so I had hurried in this morning so I could be there right at 7:30 am to check on her.  She had another bloody stool for me this morning so they were a little concerned.  She also had a very small amount of red blood in her replogle. 

At rounds today, the doctors said they still think it's  more than likely an allergy to her milk that has caused the irritation in her bowels.  The xrays are coming back normal, her bowel sounds are normal, and her blood work so far has been normal.  These are all good signs of nothing major wrong.  They have decided to hold off on her milk for about a week to give her stomach and bowels time to heal and rest.  She will be getting her nutrition through her IV.

We were also concerned that her hematocrit was low (29).  Since she is obviously losing blood in her stool and they are drawing blood from her for labs, we suggested another blood transfusion so she wouldn't get into trouble with her blood.  So Claire is getting a transfusion at this time. 

I was also successful in getting them to agree to do a liver ultrasound!!!!!!  Can you believe it!?  They still don't think the cyst has anything to do with what is going on, but they are ruling out everything else, so why not that.  I was there when the tech did the US and my amateur eye noticed the cysts looks slightly bigger and instead of 2 cysts, I saw 3.  She also had another xray done of her abdomen.  Neither of these tests have come back yet.  I will be checking on them soon!

We do have a special request today for prayer for one of Claire's friends in ICN.  Her name is Eliza.  She is the only surviving baby of triplets born at 24 weeks.  She has been in ICN for about 9 weeks now.  Claire and Eliza were roommates for a while and BFFs.  Claire looks like a giant compared to Eliza b/c Eliza is still less than 2 pounds.  She has had a tough go, but is a fighter.  But her mom said she was having a tough time this week.  Please pray for Eliza and her family. 

Ok, so here are some pictures from the weekend that I promised!!

The Scott Family

Hunting with Trent

Zach and Layn at the ham dinner

Claire Rose Scott Benefit Ham Dinner

Claire's nursery

farm animal theme!

lots of clean clothes ready for Claire

"I love to reach for the camera!"

My Missy Momma and Me


  1. Claire looks SO MUCH like Trent in that picture!!!

  2. We will add Eliza also. Maybe at some point you could tell me a bit more about her.