Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween! Just treats, no tricks! :)

Rebecca made it back to Duke tonight! Rebecca looked like a kid on Christmas as the nurse was getting Claire all swaddled up to ready to be held. Claire was so happy to see her mommy! She opened her eyes, smiled and seemed so relaxed. Claire was glad Mom and Dad got some rest this weekend. She can't wait to see her daddy!

The best part of the night (other than holding Claire) was seeing Claire in her ADORABLE Halloween costume! She was the sweetest M&M on the whole unit!! Mommy read her "Clifford the Big Red Dog's First Halloween!" Claire was loving it the whole time!

Claire weighs 3 pounds 16 oz! She had one Brady episode before we left. (ugh!) But we left her resting well in her isolette. Snuggled like a bug in a rug! :)

We love you Claire!
Aunt Julie

I'm an M&M!!

Mommy holding her sweet M&M
Claire got a yummy candy bucket!


Granny Scott loves Claire

Mommy reading to Claire

Aunt Julie loving her some Claire Cuddle Time!! 

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  1. Look at that smile. Its perfect. A wonderful first Halloween. Id love to kiss that M&M!! :)