Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A quick update

I know Rebecca didn't have time to post last night. I wanted to add something quick to let everyone know Claire is doing good!  Rebecca spent all day with Claire yesterday and at the end of the day she met with the lactation specialist. Claire is doing great! She is growing, sleeping and eating like the doctors want her to! Rebecca is back at the hospital early this morning to try and make it for the doctors rounds and to meet with the lactation specialist again.

We all feel so blessed that Claire is doing well. We will celebrate every moment like this! We all know at some point Claire will be having surgery for her heart. We continue to pray that God heals the liver cyst. The cyst is so rare that the doctors and surgeons are very cautious about how to proceed.

Rebecca and Trent are grateful for all your love and support!! They are great parents!!
We will post again soon with more details!
Aunt Julie

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