Sunday, November 21, 2010


This past week for Claire has been like the show Survivor.  She was taken to Duke ICN Islands and dropped off with no food to eat.  She has been surviving quite well by eating bugs, fish, and berries....  ok, not really any of those things.  More like clear liquids and lipids.  Nothing that is satisfying for a hungry belly! 

Today's challenge on Duke ICN Islands was a tub bath - very scary!  Claire's host of the show today (her nurse) and her teammate (mommy) were great with assisting Claire on her challenge.  The Bath Tub Challenge was underway and Claire did not like it!  The soapy water was hard to maneuver in and Claire's teammate was very nervous.  But with the hosts assistance, Team Claire pulled off the Bath Time Challenge with only a few minutes of screaming!  Yay! 

Clarie's reward for winning and completing today's challenge:  a new clean outfit with an owl on it saying "Who's the cutest?" and the footies saying "I'm the cutest!", snuggle time with mommy, and of course the grand prize of getting milk tomorrow!  Way to go Claire! 

Stay tuned for the next episode!  :)

PS - Claire weighed 5 lbs 6 oz tonight.  Her stomach is still kind of tight even after a stool today.  I may call the doctor tonight to see what he/she thinks about it. 

The Scott Family

Bath Tub Challenge

Claire competing with confidence

Challenge complete!!! 


  1. Yeah, bath time....
    I 'member those when ours were little.
    More like bath war, or bath endurance test,
    That "look" in that one picture, and those hands reaching out,
    "I'm gonna get you for this!" Is that what she's sayin'?

    At least she got an "owl" shirt.
    cool beans for that.

    Glad milk time is very soon.

  2. She is absolutely beautiful!!!

  3. OMG, the picture of her with her hands up was way too cute. I need a copy in a frame. Just saying......