Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Update from Rebecca: Blood found in Claire's stool

Rebecca just called and said around 4 AM she got a phone call from the doctors saying that they found a moderate amount of blood in Claire's stool this morning.  She also had another bowel movement a few hours later and they found a smaller amount of blood.

They have been running tests all morning and afternoon but we still have no heard any answers.  They are waiting for Claire to have another bowel movement so they are able to run more tests.

So far they have not been able to rule anything out other then it not being a perforated bowel after they took some x-rays.  There seemed to be lots of different causes for the blood in her stool such as: viral or bacterial infection, irritation from food, allergy to milk, C. diff, and many others.  They do not think it has anything to do with the liver once again.  They are thinking and hoping that it might be an irritated, inflamed bowel.  They did take some blood to run a few tests and they all came back normal.  

The doctors do not believe that it is anything too serious (and I say that lightly since they do not know what it is at this time) and we will probably not find out any results until tomorrow at the earliest.  They had to move Claire back into the ICN (we hope she does not get transferred back in the the TCN haha) and is in a room to herself in case she has an infection.  She is also back on contact isolation so we are having to wear gloves and gowns again.  They have a tube through her mouth into her stomach to release the excess air that is in her stomach.  They have stopped her feeds since this morning and have hooked her back up to the IV fluids until they can rule out an allergy to the milk.  

Rebecca said that Claire is acting normal and does not seem to be in any pain from all of this.  Rebecca has been able to hold her and see her since they got there this morning.

We ask that you keep the Scott family in your prayers as always.  We all have testimony that they have worked each and everyday throughout out time here at Duke.  We know that Miss Claire really appreciates everyones kind thoughts and prayers as she is waiting to find out what is causing her bloody stool.  

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