Monday, November 8, 2010

Day of Life 33

Last night, Claire weighed 4 lbs 5 oz!  Yay!  She's still growing after all that she's been through these past few days.  She ate more from a bottle last night and this morning.  She's not so sure she likes having to work to get her food.  It tires her out quickly, but the doctors called her "old" this morning (and he told me not to tell her that he called her that!).  He said she needed to be learning how to eat by mouth.  This is a skill she HAS to have before she can come home.

I finally found some preemie clothes today and bought the very first piece of baby clothing for our child.  I haven't purchased any baby clothes yet until today.  Originally, I just didn't know how to buy them - we didn't know how big she would be in December when she was supposed to born, so I didn't get exactly how I was supposed to buy clothes for her based on size and season.  So now that she's here and we know she's in preemie clothes, you cannot find them ANYWHERE!  Not even in Raleigh or Durham!  The only place that has a few preemie clothes is Babies R Us. So I bought Claire 2 new outfits today.  I can't wait for her to wear them!

I am also hoping when we go back to the hospital tonight that she will be out of contact isolation.  They did this to protect Claire and others in case she had a staph infection.  But they are seriously thinking she only has a UTI and that the staph that showed up in the lab results came from either Claire's skin or the nurses skin when getting the urine sample (they said everyone has staph on their skin).  So the doctors just think the urine culture was contaminated.  They were doing another culture today and once it comes back (hopefully this afternoon), they will plan to take her out of isolation. 

Oh, and Claire found her thumb today and was sucking her thumb.  It was just the cutest thing I have seen!  She didn't do it long, but it showed me she is learning to self-soothe.  She is almost to the magic 34 weeks where so many things should happen for her developmentally.  Also, tomorrow she should have a head ultrasound to check the brain bleed they saw when she was born and she should have her eye exam this week.  So much going on!

Don't forget to buy your ticket for a yummy ham dinner on Friday!!!! 

The Scott Family

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