Friday, November 19, 2010

Thank you

Well, I kept thinking I would come up with this really special thank you blog for the ham dinner, but I just haven't had the time to sit down and really come up with what we want to say.  So here it goes!!!

The ham dinner benefit last week was a huge success!  This was only possible with the help of all of you.  From the cooks, to the drivers, to the people who bought plates, to the ticket sellers, to the volunteers, to the cake bakers, to the organizers, to the donors, and even to the ones who didn't get a plate because we were sold out - all of you made this possible. 

I believe the organizers thought they might sell around 1200 plates total.  I am not sure of the final count, but I heard it was between 1500-1600 plates approximately.  Trent said they had to go back and buy food 2-3 more times!  Instead of having lots of people driving all of their cars to deliver plates, a local restaurant let us borrow their catering vans to deliver plates.  Local grocery stores donated food and gave discounts.  Volunteers taped our thank you notes to each plate until we ran out of notes. 

Trent was there in the middle of all of it and I know how exhausted he was.  I know each and every other volunteer was just as exhausted as he was.  We hope everyone enjoyed the delicious ham!  And for those of you who sent donations but didn't get a plate, thank you too!  Sorry you missed out on the great food, but we still appreciate your donation! 

We have discovered that in situations like this, it really brings out the best in everyone.  There were so many people from different backgrounds that worked together hand in hand.  The outpouring of kindness was overwhelming. 

Our family cannot express how much everyone means to us and how thankful we are to everyone.  Trent and I are usually on the other side of the fence volunteering to help others.  We enjoy helping others and doing what we can.  We are not used to being the ones being helped.  It is just so overwhelming!!!!!  We hope that we can pay it forward to others some day. 

Although Claire cannot say how she feels, one day I know she will hear the story of this benefit in her honor and be as overwhelmed as we are now.  She will know how each and every one of you loved her enough to sacrifice your time and effort to support her and her family.  She will know what it means to have a family and community that loves one another.  Claire and her family will always hold a special place in our hearts for all of you - even the ones we don't know. 

There are just so many people who were involved that we don't even have a clue.  But thank you to everyone.  I wish we could write thank you notes to every one of you.  We would do it if we knew we wouldn't leave a single person out.  But that's impossible! 

So, once again, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We know these words are not enough.

The Scott Family

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