Thursday, November 18, 2010

Flower Child

Today was a good day for Claire.  It started out by Granny and Big Daddy surprising Aunt Amanda with a new car for her hard work in school.  Claire cannot wait to be the first baby to ride in the new car!!   So Big Daddy also brought Mrs. Ann with him today!  Claire had lots of fun visiting with Big Daddy and Mrs. Ann.  We even caught a few videos of her today.  The one above was when the physical therapist came by to visit.  She was teaching Claire and me about extension and flexion of muscles and stress signals.  You can see her working with Claire's legs and moving them back and forth.  Claire slept the whole time so she wasn't very interactive!  Oh well, she did good anyway!

When we arrived today, Claire had messed up her ladybug outfit, so the nurse put on the flower outfit from Great Aunt Connie and the pink hat from Great Aunt Doe.  She looked so cute in her flowers!  She got lots of comments on her outfit.  She has a huge bag of preemie clothes now - more outfits than I have!  She probably has one for each day of the month. 

Please continue to pray for Claire each day as she keeps growing and amazing all of us!

The Scott Family

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