Saturday, November 13, 2010

THANK YOU (from Claire)

Good Morning to all my family and friends!

The angels told me told me this morning that everyone worked so hard at the Ham Dinner to support me and my parents! THANK YOU!! My Mommy and Daddy can't even believe how many people came out to support us. I saw tears in their eyes and they told me it was because they felt so loved and humbled by God's amazing grace.  I heard that the volunteers sold OVER 1400 plates and that by 4:30pm yesterday they had sold out of food!! One day I hope the firefighters let me play on the big trucks!!! :)

I can't wait to come home and meet everyone that has prayed for me, loved me, supported me, and was a part of this amazing fundraiser on my behalf! I am doing better. My Aunt Julie and Aunt Amanda visited me last night. I have that uncomfortable tube out of my throat and now I can sleep and eat again (thank goodness!). My Missy Momma (Daddy's Mom) and my Great Aunt Doe are coming to Duke to spend the weekend with me! Yah! That means I will get doubly spoiled all weekend!! :)

I know Mommy will be back soon and will update the blog again, but I just couldn't wait...I wanted to tell you all THANK YOU!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!

Ms. Claire (bear)

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  1. We love you Claire bear! Meet you soon saysConnor and Anna!!