Thursday, November 11, 2010

God Bless You

Quick update on Claire:  We really don't know anything different from yesterday.  They have done several more xrays throughout the night.  The nurse said the one from 8 pm "unofficially" looked a little better with less air in her bowels.  This is probably because they put a replogle tube in Claire's mouth. It's a suction tube that is inserted through her mouth down to her stomach.  It suctions out air and any juices in her belly to keep them from being digested and passed through her bowels.  She HATES this tube and so do I!  It's terrible and makes her gag and very uncomfortable.  It just breaks my heart.  She still has not stooled yet, so they haven't been able to get a sample sent off to test the C.diff.  She is acting very hungry and alert though.  But she cried more last night than I have heard her cry in long time.  She just can't get comfortable and her belly hurts (and she's hungry).

On another note, we just wanted to take a minute to sincerely thank each and every person who has prayed for us, sent a card/note, sold a ham dinner ticket or told people about it, sent gifts for Claire, sent money or gift cards for us for gas and food, read the blog, sent an email, made a phone call, commented on the blog or Facebook, and any other thing we are leaving out.  When I started trying to think of how to word this post (which is amazing for me because I usually just type as I go!), I realized that the words "thank you" were just not enough.  They just didn't express the absolute feelings that we feel for each of you.  I really thought there just are no words to describe how we feel.  So I racked my brain as to the right words that would work.  Immediately I knew what to say - what would mean more than "thank you" and would be doing something more than just showing our appreciation. 

So instead of "thank you" we are saying to you, "God bless you."  We hope God blesses each and every one of you for all that you have done and will do for us and Claire.  We think there are no better words to show our gratitude to you than to ask God's blessings upon you that you may also experience being blessed as we have by all of you. 

Don't forget your ham dinner plate tomorrow!  They will be delicious and are helping a sweet baby girl that cannot even comprehend the magnitude of the love for her.  We cannot wait to tell her one day about all of this being done just for her.  Please continue to pray for Claire today that the doctors can figure out what is going on her her body and help her heal quickly. 

God bless each and every one of you.

The Scott Family


  1. Fingers crossed for little Claire. I think about her all of the time and especially when I have little ones at work.

  2. Mighty Baby Claire has already called forth more prayer and faith and expectation and hope and love than any one grown up possibly could. Mighty Baby Claire through her amazing family has given every ONE of us a wake up call as to the absolute nature of our dependence on The Lord God who can take the imperfections of life and living and work with astounding grace and gentle power.
    Mighty Baby Claire!
    Thanks be to God.

  3. Praying for little Claire every day! And Jack and I are looking forward to our ham plate tomorrow-I think it's going to be a huge sucess! Again, if Keith, Jack and I can do anything here for you specifically, let me know!