Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Claire Bear

Claire Bear has become Claire's theme up at Duke.  The nurses have it written on her bottle warmer and insist on putting a teddy bear blanket in her bassinet all the time.  We brought home the blanket that was especially made for Claire with her name and birth date on it, and the nurse quickly replaced it with another teddy bear blanket. 

Claire has been sleeping most of the day.  After such a busy day yesterday with tests and they said she had a fussy night, she must be catching up on her sleep.  I was able to hold her for about 3 hours today, which was really nice since I didn't get to hold her at all yesterday. 

Big Daddy came up today for a quick visit.  He had to get back to work because one of his tractors wasn't working.  But it was very nice to see him!  And Claire thought so too! 

The doctors reported on the xrays and ultrasound today.  They said the xrays are still looking the same.  There is a small portion of her lower intestine that looks like it may have air in it and looks "strange".  They still don't think it's the NEC, but are keeping a close eye on it to make sure it doesn't turn into that.  They seem to think that Claire's Tetralogy of Fallot could have caused it. With TOF, Claire's heart can have a hard time pumping and circulating the blood to all parts of her body.  So they think that the lower bowel could have been deprived of some blood causing the inflammation and blood in her stool.  The other idea would be that she had an allergic reaction to the breast milk that caused the inflammation and irritation.  They really don't know which one it is.  But once they give her stomach and bowel time to rest and heal, they will start back with a very small amount of breast milk to see what it does.  The doctor said it should immediately bother her if the milk is what is causing the inflammation and bleeding.  If that doesn't happen, then they will assume it was the TOF causing low blood flow. 

Claire weighed 4 lbs 13 oz last night!  Three more ounces and she will be at 5 pounds!  She is doing excellent at growing.  Trent and I are so extremely proud of Claire.  She is such a fighter and is so brave. 

Thank you so much for the continued prayers!  And we are waiting for someone to send us some pictures of the ham dinner to make a separate thank you post, but THANKS again for all of your support with the ham dinner!  You all know who you are!!!!!!!!!!!

The Scott Family

my animal print outfit

Giving Momma some snuggle time

Me and Big Daddy

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  1. Hey there Claire bear and Mama bear!! You look so sassy in that pink animal print!! We love you!