Sunday, October 31, 2010

A fun weekend with Aunt Julie and Aunt Amanda

We had a BLAST with you last night! You looked so adorable in your pink and yellow outfit! You got to move back across the hall to you room with one of your girlfriends who has been there with you when we can't. Y'all will be best of friends and share so many happy memories together.

Me and your Aunt Amanda got to hold you last night. Of course you were PERFECT for me and SQUIRMY for Aunt Amanda! hahaha The funniest part about it was that your mom called, pretending to check on you...but we both know she was calling to check on her crazy sisters who were there with you! ;)

Your mom and dad love you so much! The nurse told us tonight that you are one of the most loved babies on the unit! We know! You have an awesome family and circle friends that love you and pray for you all the time!

You are gaining weight and getting stronger! Keep it up! We are headed to church now and will be praying for you. We miss you already! Your Aunt Amanda will be back to see you this morning and your mommie will be back this afternoon! We can't wait to see you all dressed up in your Halloween costume!! AWWW!

Love you!
Sweet Claire Bear!
Aunt Julie

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  1. Soooooo.... what was the costume?
    We gotta see, just gotta!!!