Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Baby Shower Gifts

As you all know, each of Rebecca's baby showers were all cancelled due to the emergency labor of Little Miss Claire.  With that said, Rebecca and Trent will not be able to set up their nursery for Claire until after she is brought home.

Some people we asking if they could drop of their gifts ahead of time and that would be awesome!  This would help Rebecca and Trent tremendously, so they can get prepared to bring the baby home.  If you were interested in dropping off your gift ahead of time, please contact Trent, Anita Scott, or Mary Carpenter and they can help get the present where it belongs, or direct you to someone else who can help.  Right now, it would be best if the presents were dropped off at home instead of at Duke Hospital since Rebecca's living arrangements are constantly changing and we do not want them to get lost.

I believe a Welcome Home party is in the works sometime right before Claire is brought home, or directly after.  Look for details at a later date!    

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