Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Stop and Smell the ROSEs

It's time for a late-night blog post.

Rebecca, Trent and Claire are doing well....just exhausted. They have been through so much these last several days. Rebecca has stayed on the 5th floor today but may be headed to the 7th floor soon.

 Claire is in the Intensive Care Nursery and was receiving her 1st blood transfusion tonight. Rebecca and Claire have different blood types (+/-). Her red blood platelets are low; her bilirubin (sp?) count is high, which I think it is related to the difficulties with the liver. She will have repeated blood tests done to monitor these things. Claire's heart condition is a secondary concern at this point. Everyone is very concerned about the blood issues and the liver issues. Claire has a long road ahead of her. She needs so many prayers for her health.

Rebecca could be discharged in a few days, but of course, Claire will be staying until she is healthy enough to leave.

Mom says Claire has adorable hands like Rebecca and a beautiful little nose like Trent. We all got to spend a few precious moments with sweet Claire. She just seems perfect and like a miracle from God. Please pray for Rebecca and Trent, as they struggle with the emotional side of not being able to hold and comfort Claire yet. Claire has to stay protected in the little incubator until she gets stronger. I believe Rebecca was able to touch her softly tonight.

Rebecca and Trent thank everyone for the prayers, gifts, visits, posts, etc!! They are very proud parents!!

I attached a couple of photos. She is so tiny!

We will do our best to keep everyone Amanda and I have gone back to school/work.



  1. That's great to see that she's breathing on her own! Carter had the rock star sunglasses, too :) Claire is in great hands (Duke and God's) so try to remember that you are not in control. Just take care of yourself and spend time with Claire.

  2. She is so precious!!!! Praying for you to receive God's continued strength as He carries you and Claire in His Hands!!

    Dwayne. Brenda, & Claire

  3. She's incredibly adorable and just absolutely PERFECT! Congrats again! Can't wait to meet her! Praying Praying Praying

  4. Bundle of BEAUTIFUL JOY! Thanks for posting the pictures -- the kiddos are so happy to 'see' the sweet baby Claire we've been praying for... Will continue to lift you up as He carries you through these coming weeks... Love to all...
    The Duncans

  5. What a beautiful baby! I see a little "Rebecca" and a little "Jerry" in her. She is precious. We will continue to pray for her and your family.

  6. Oh she's so precious!! God is holding her in the palm of his hand and she is not afraid. Prayers will keep coming! Congratulations again!