Friday, October 22, 2010

Praying that the third time is a charm

Claire did great today with her cyst draining!  This is the 3rd time that she has had it drained.  The first time was while in utero.  The 2nd time was this past Tuesday.  So we are praying that the 3rd time will be the last time and that the cyst will go away.  Unfortunately, that will probably not be the case, but we can pray! 

The radiologists were able to completely drain the cyst today and removed 60 mL of fluid.  Basically, that's about 2 oz.  They were able to sedate Claire enough that they didn't have to put the breathing tube in today.  She was able to remain on the nasal cannula, which was great. 

Claire weighed 3 lbs 6 oz tonight and they have restarted her feeds.  Granny Mary went back home today and Sarah, Amanda, and Colby came by to visit.  Claire is resting and trying to recover from the sedation. 

Thank you so much for keeping Claire in your prayers today and every day.  We never know what Claire is going to have to go through each day when we get to the hospital.  But she is such a fighter and is so strong.  Thank God she will not remember what she is going through now. She amazes us each and every day with her strength, determination, and grace.  We all love her so much!

The Scott Family

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