Friday, October 15, 2010

Holding Steady

Claire had another pretty good day today.  Last night, her temperature went up so they decided to test again for infection and give her another 48 hours of antibiotics as a precautionary measure.  The doctor said that her white blood cell count came back good, so that was "reassuring."  Her temperature came down after the nurse placed a cold wet wash cloth on her head, and it continued to stay down all night and day today. She is still on the bili lights but her bilirubin has come down to 5.6.  Her weight is holding steady around 2 lbs 13 1/2 oz.  Her hematocrite has been on a slow down trend and is now 37 (the goal is between 35 and 40, so the will check this weekend to see if it continues to go down).  If it keeps decreasing, another blood transfusion could take place. 

Claire's feeds have been increased today so she is getting more and more breast milk.  This is wonderful because it will help her to grow and develop much faster.  I thought she looked like her face was fuller today so I hope this means she is starting to fill out.  I was able to have Kangaroo Care again with Claire today for about 45 minutes.  I absolutely love these times! 

I am expecting to get my camera cord this weekend so I will try to post more pictures.  Please continue to keep Claire in your prayers.  This is an up and down process.  She is such a fighter and every nurse or doctor that she has seen has called her "feisty"!  Wonder where she gets that from.........  :)  We are looking forward to some visitors this weekend! 



  1. Thanks for the continued updates. It sounds like she is doing great!

  2. The feisty must come from all those Wolfpack genes that she has.

    Claire will look good in red and white.