Friday, October 1, 2010

A quick update before Julie takes the laptop home!

Another update...

Today at 5:30pm we received GREAT NEWS!!!  The Doctor called and said the preliminary results were in from the amniocentesis. The doctor said Claire is considered a "normal female"!  Yippee :)  The doctor said this means we aren't seeing signs of some of the more common chromosomal disorders. (These were only the preliminary results and over the next week we will receive the full results of the chromosomal panel testing). 

Check out the picture of the beautiful rainbow we all saw yesterday following the very emotionally trying day. Amanda snapped this picture while driving on I-40! It reminded us all of God's promise to us! Claire and Rebecca are in the palm of His hands!

Kathy Mitchell and her sister visited today and brought us some yummy gummy bears! (We've already broke into those!) Rebecca's friend Leslie Geisler has been a great comfort! Chip Simmons also stopped by last night to visit us. THANKS to EVERYONE for all your love, support, & prayers!! AND texts!! :)


  1. The great symbols of God's covenant.
    The Breath of Life and Spirit! (everytime you breath, God breathes in you and through you)

    The Bow in the Clouds (rainbow) God's promise; ...did you hear that? GOD's promise to us.

    The Cross God enacting The Promise with perfect and eternal power. In Jesus Christ, God is with us.

    The Flame God pours Spirit upon us, within us, through us, empowering, speaking, touching, working God's purpose through us.

    The Hands of Prayer We working with even the tiniest bit of faith, WE WORKING the power of God to accomplish the purpose of God.

    We offer them for God's touch upon Baby Claire, a mighty child of God. We offer them for Claire' mother, a mighty woman of God. We offer them for Claire's father, a mighty man of God.
    God! You get the glory in this!

  2. Rebecca, Trent, and Baby Claire.....we are praying for God to wrap each of you in his arms and keep you safe....sending love and prayers...

    Dwayne, Brenda, and Claire Griffin

  3. Great news! I am thinking of your family constantly as are all of my mom friends.

  4. Awesome news!!! Rebecca, you and baby Claire are in our thoughts and prayers. Hang in there. You are strong. You can do this! =)