Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Happy 3rd Week Birthday Claire!

Today was Claire's 3 week birthday.  She had another great day!  She weighed 3 lbs 7 oz tonight and was approximately 16 1/2 long.  She has lost a little weight, but we were expecting that since she was swollen and they gave her the lasix. 

Claire was very alert today and bright-eyed.  She even got to try eating from a bottle today and did GREAT!  She is getting ready for Halloween this weekend in the ICN.  I think the nurses are dressing up on Sunday, so that ought to be fun.  I was able to hold Claire 3 times today and one of those times was Kangaroo time.  It's so nice to hold her.  She is so sweet and beautiful.  We love her so much. 

We are continuing to pray for good days every day.  She is completely on breast milk now with no added fluids!  We are so proud of Claire!!

Well, it's been a long few days for me, so I am cutting this blog short.  Hope you enjoy the pictures!

The Scott Family


  1. Oh my goodness, she is getting so big! Claire is just gorgeous! Just like her mama ;)

  2. I had so much fun seeing her and you today! She was so wide awake and beautiful, just like her mommy and daddy!

  3. Claire looks amazing! Her eyes are so beautiful! I cant wait to see her again! And I love the pumpkin bib! :)