Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sleeping Beauty

Claire has been sleeping pretty much the past 2 days since her cyst procedure.  Not much to report except she is resting very well.  It took a long time for the sedative to wear off.  She finally opened her eyes for us today! 

Claire was visited today by her favorite visitor - her daddy.  Both of her grandmothers were there today too.  Granny Mary has been taking great notes for me and keeping track of things Claire is doing and her nurses and doctors.  Missy Momma (Anita) brought lots of gifts and things for Claire.  Trent was able to hold Claire for an hour today!  He is so in love with her.  Claire loves to hold Trent's finger.  She slept for the whole hour he held her!  She was in hog heaven! 

Her weight tonight was 3 lbs 5.4 oz.  She is scheduled for another ultrasound tomorrow of her abdomen and liver to see if the cyst has changed since aspirating it.  We are praying that the cyst has not reaccumulated and is still the size it was after they drained it.  Or better yet, that it is gone completely away! 

Claire also welcomed a new best friend into the world last night.  Ava Batchelor was born yesterday evening weighing 8 lbs 12 oz!  Almost 3 times the size of Claire!  We wish Josh and Becky the best of luck and congratulations!  We were sorry we couldn't be there as planned, so we cannot wait to get all of the girls together soon!!!! 

The Scott Family

Claire and Daddy - holding Daddy's finger

Claire and Trent

Our Family 10-21-10

"catching flies" according to Granny Mary

blowing kisses


  1. Praying for all the best as you await the next procedure. She is so beautiful!
    Love and prayers,
    Dwayne, Brenda, & Claire

  2. I'm lookin' for an Allis-Chalmers cap for her.

  3. Oh...I can hear it now:
    Claire and Ava at the skating rink,
    and they grab the microphone and say, "Claire and Ava, Best Friends Forever!"

    and skate on, and on and on, ...

    and God smiles a GREAT Big Smile.

  4. Love the pictures of Claire and Trent. She already has him wrapped around her little finger! I hope you get great news today.