Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tough Little Cookie

The past 2 days have been tough for Claire.  She's experienced all sorts of tests, pokes, prods, x-rays, ultrasounds, IVs, feeding tube replacements, etc.  Over night, the surgeons and radiologists agreed that the cyst was huge and hurting Claire's respiratory system and probably other organs in her body.  On Claire's birthday, the large liver cyst measured 5.5 x 4.7 x 3.3 centimeters.  As of yesterday, it had re-accumulated and grown to 5.7 x 5.6 x 6.8 centimeters.  It doesn't sound large, but for a 3 lb baby, it's HUGE!  I guess the doctors finally took our advice to check the cyst and agreed something had to be done today.  One of the doctors told me I should be a doctor!  HAHA!  Little does she know....  As soon as I got there this morning, the doctors were in Claire's room with consent forms and telling us the plan. 

They tried giving Claire an oral sedation but that didn't even slow her down.  So they ended up intubating her and giving her morphine so she would remain completely still during the procedure.  They basically did the same thing they did when she was in utero to drain the cyst - just this time they didn't have to go through my belly. They had an ultrasound tech doing the ultrasound so they could see exactly where to insert the needle.  It took about 45 minutes from start to finish.  They inserted the needle into the cyst and drew off 107 mL of fluid!!!  They were amazed that they got that much out.  That is about 3 1/2 ounces.  And for Claire, that was A LOT!  I am planning to fill up a balloon with that much water in it and see if they will let me place it beside her body to show just how big it was.

The radiologists came out and said it was a success.  They were not able to draw every last drop out, but definitely a sizable amount.  Her stomach looked so good - not tight and distended like it has been.  The radiologist said Claire got an "free tummy tuck" today!  The fluid was a clear, yellow, thin liquid so they think that it's probably sterile fluid and not cancerous or anything.  But they have sent the fluid to pathology to be tested.   

So Claire has been resting most of the day trying to wait for the sedation to wear off.  The nurse said it would probably be into tomorrow before she's back to normal.  They will leave the breathing tube in until she awakens.  But they have turned the oxygen down on it and said that her vitals all look good.  We will head back tonight to check on her again, tuck her in, and read her bedtime story.  Oh, I was able to hold her for about 5 minutes today before they sedated her! 

Thank you for all of the prayers on such short notice!  They sure did help pull Claire through.  She is so strong and tough.  Her mom and dad are so proud of her for all that she's been through and still keeps pushing on. I will never be as strong as she is now.  Claire has endured a lot in her 2 weeks of life.  But God has His hand on her at all times and we know that He is in control. 

Oh, and a lot of people are asking about helping out.  I believe that a large group of friends around home are planning a fundraiser/meal on November 12th.  We will post more information on it as we get details.  That's really all I know at this point!

Below are pictures of Claire getting ready for her procedure today.  She may get to stay in the new bassinet if she behaves! 

The Scott Family

PS  - she looked good today in her purple outfit too! 

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  1. No No No on the "purple" suit! Not after last Saturday.

    Horray and Hallelujah! for the good results today!
    Keep your persistence up Mom, you know your child better than the docs, keep insisting!