Thursday, October 7, 2010

quick update from rebecca

NICU nurse said Claire's bilirubin initially went down after the blood transfusion at midnight but at 4am the labs showed it had gone back up. She thinks it could be b/c the transfusion diluted her bilirubin and then when they did the labs it was a more true number. We want it to come down! Rebecca says the doc will talk to us about it today.

Also, her hymatocrite (sp?) went up to 36 from 32 in the midnight labs and then up 1 more point to 37 in the 4am labs, which is good! So the transfusion is working. We want that number close to 40, I think.

All this medical stuff is over my head! We just know that Claire and he doctors are working hard to get her stabilized!

Mom and Dad will head back to the hospital today. We'll keep ya posted.


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  1. From Colette and Chris Maple in Ohio:

    Just wanted to let you know our thoughts and prayers are with you and precious Claire.