Saturday, October 2, 2010

Today has been a good day!

Rebecca just called to let me know she saw the doctor tonight and she did an ultrasound to check the liver cyst. Thankfully, the cyst has not grown today. It is measuring 4cm. The doctor was also able to see Claire's diaphragm and it is working and looking good. The placenta mass is still there with no change at this time. The overall report is that Rebecca and Baby Claire seem happy and not under any acute stress! YAH!

The plan is to do more blood work tomorrow. Rebecca's blood levels are a little "off" and they need more information to continue to follow the concern for preeclampsia (sp?)

Trent and Anita are home and say that things around the farm are ok. Mom and Dad are home and preparing to deal the with basement flood. Prayer needed for all of our parents as they have to work double-duty!

I'm sorry I missed all the fun visitors today! Rebecca says she had a great visit with Aunt Brenda, Uncle Wayne, Elizabeth and Ted. They read her mind when they came with Lysol, antibacterial wipes, CHOCOLATE and magazines!! hehe Family is so good! Rebecca was also visited by her friend Kellie Myers who has been through similar experiences with her son at Duke Hospital. I know it was comforting for Rebecca to feel that she isn't alone in this! Thanks to Sarah for staying with Rebecca today and thru the night. I know her husband and children miss her...thanks for sharing her with Rebecca! :)

I think I covered all the bases. For now, the plan is that Amanda will go to Duke tomorrow and stay with Rebecca overnight. We will keep you posted.


  1. We all at Bangert are praying for all of you. Please give our love to Anita and that we all miss her. This blog is wonderful. We are very interested in the progression of baby Claire. Love and prayers to you.
    Debbie Wellington

  2. Thanks so much for this blog!! It's great to keep up with Rebecca, Trent, and Claire. We are praying, too!!!
    ashlee & steven king

  3. Hooray for Good Days!
    Yayy for Chocolate!
    Hallelujah for God's presence!

  4. Rebecca, Claire, and Trent my friends and family are praying for you all as well, God said where two or more are gathered I am there, I know God is keeping you all safe and sound minded through all this!!! We love you and will continue to pray!!! Thanks for this blog so we can keep up to date and to be able to leave you comments as well!!! Praise God and May He continue to bless you two and your little one!!!