Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Waiting for more information

The latest update is that Rebecca is doing well. Claire had a sonagram and an echo-cardiogram after birth. They are waiting to hear from the doctors how those turned out. No one has been able to see Claire yet. They initially told Rebecca she would be able to see her earlier this morning....I don't know why the lag. Mom, Anita and Trent are with Rebecca. She is still on the 5th floor..and should be moved to the 7th floor some time today. is hard to wait. Rebecca and Trent have been so strong during all of this. Trent did say that he saw Claire's little body quickly after birth and that she was making noise! :) The nurses wheeled Claire out of the room but held her up so Rebecca could see her....they say she has some brown hair!

We will keep you posted. Pray for Claire's strength and that she be held in God's hand to endure these upcoming hurdles.


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  1. The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ is present.