Tuesday, October 5, 2010


GREAT NEWS:  The blood work keeps coming back in the same range that it has been over the past day.  The doctors are somewhat dumbfounded that the platelets have risen and that the liver enzymes have decreased.  They are still monitoring her and will continue to take blood samples on her.  Their conclusion on preeclampsia is that they are unsure if it is still that or not.  I guess that we are "somewhat" happy that it has a slight chance of not being preeclampsia, but with the roller coaster that we have been on, it could be something else!   

She is still having contractions but they plan on taking her off the Magnesium.  The magnesium helps to reduce contractions and stop labor, and also to help Rebecca and Claire neurologically as a muscle relaxer in a sense.  

With that, they are able to put her back on a solid food diet, plan to let her get a shower, and let her walk around some. YIPPEE!!!

We will post throughout the day if anything changes and tonight as a final update.  We are so lucky to have everyone thinking of us, praying for us, and especially having God watch over us!  He definitely has a plan that none of us know, but we are happy with everything that He has given us over the past couple of weeks!  It is in His hands!!



  1. Happy to hear the news. Happy Anniversary to Trent and Rebecca!

    Love, Aunt Doe

  2. Praise God for the good news!

  3. Hang in there Rebecca and Baby Clarie! We are still praying!!!

    Dwayne, Brenda,& Claire

  4. Allllriiighhtt! A SHOWER !! Thank goodness!!

    and walking and eating....

    I see a trip across the street to the Hot Dog Stand, best dawgs in Durham.

    We celebrate with you!
    The Session meets to night, so if you hear a "Downeast Yahooo!" you will know it is we.