Sunday, October 17, 2010

Roller Coaster Ride - Just not at the NC State Fair!

Update from last night:

Claire's hematocrite was 33, lower than the 35 minimum the doctors want her to have.  So they decided to give Claire another blood transfusion last night.  That went well and we hope it will help.  At her 8 pm assessment, she weighed a whopping 3 lbs 3 oz!  She is growing so quickly!  We hope she continues to grow so she can be stronger. 

Update from today:

Over night and today, Claire had a few Bradys (where her heart rate drops) because she is holding her breath again.  This is the apnea that she was experiencing a few days ago.  The doctors decided to go ahead and give her another shot of caffeine today and then increase her daily dose.  They will also give it to her each day in 2 doses instead of one large dose once a day like they have been doing.  They hope this will help spread the caffeine out over the whole day. 

Claire was started back on her breast milk feeds this morning and is continuing to do well on those.  She's having a little trouble using the bathroom, but we hope that will correct itself soon. 

Claire had a restful day.  I didn't hold her or touch her much due to the over stimulation yesterday.  Although I really wanted to hold her, I figured she needed a day of just rest.  Claire had several visitors today including Cathy, Amanda, Ricky, and Pat.  Also Aunt Manda hung out with her most of the day too.  We are still working on getting into a routine each day.  We are learning that this is a up and down process.  Each day is different and sometimes feels like an emotional roller coaster.  But we will take the bad days with the good days, and before we know it, these days will turn into years together with Claire.  What more could we ask for?! 

Please continue the prayers!!!

Trent, Rebecca, and Claire

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