Friday, October 8, 2010

“Every good and perfect gift is from above.” – James 1:17

Claire with her pacifier! 

Kangaroo Care
Granny giving Claire kisses! 

Great start to a wonderful weekend!  Today Rebecca was discharged from the hospital; a day that we did not think was in our near future.  The doctors gave her a clean bill of health and is back to 'normal'.

Me, mom, and Rebecca were able to spend ample amount of time today in the NICU with Claire.  Rebecca was able to hold Claire today for about an hour using the technique known as Kangaroo Care.  That is when the mother is able to hold the baby, usually a preterm baby, directly on her chest with skin-to-skin contact so she could heart her mom's heart beat.  As soon  as Claire was placed on her chest, she feel asleep and was not longer fussy and remained that way the entire hour she was there.  It was the sweetest moment that I have witnessed yet!  Claire kept sticking her tongue out and licking Rebecca's chest as if she knew that was her mom!   

Claire's condition has remained the same throughout the day.  Her bilirubin is still high so she might have to go back under the UV light to help break it down.  She still has a few apnea spells each day, but that is normal for a preterm baby.  Also, the doctors are talking about doing a CAT scan on Claire's liver so they can get a better look at the cyst and decide where to go from there.  Right now it is not affecting any of the surrounding organs nor pressing against the two main veins near the liver.  Her weight has dropped to 2lbs 11oz but that is normal for any baby to lose some weight at the beginning.  She is able to be fed Rebecca's milk which she is able to digest which is a good sign meaning her itty-bitty digestive system is working great!!

As always, we can not thank everyone enough for all of the wonderful prayers we have been receiving.  God continues to bless us as we travel down this difficult road.

Aunt 'Manda


  1. She is so cute! Happy to hear the continued good news and we'll keep on praying!

  2. She is beautiful!

  3. Claire is absolutely adorable!! I literally cried when I saw these pictures, how sweet they are!! Congratulations to you all, she is a true miracle and obviously a strong willed little girl! Isn't it amazing how something so small can bring so many people to their knees ;)So many are praying for her and will continue to do so every minute of the day....she was an inspiration before she was even born and continues to be that! Thanks for keeping us posted on her and the family's progress....Congratulations again and I pray that she continues to improve with every passing day!!!

  4. these pics give me chills. And help remind me how special children are. What a blessing! And for Rebecca to be able to hold Claire for an hour! Amazing!! Im so glad you were there to take these pics Julie!! Thank you!