Friday, October 22, 2010

Liver Cyst draining again today @ 1 PM

Today at 1 PM, Claire is having her cyst drained again.  It was drained this past Tuesday and by this morning it has accumulated back to its original size.

Claire's doctor is going to consult the Liver Specialist early next week to come up with a plan for the future.  It was stated that they can not keep draining the cyst since it is affecting her other organs by pressing on them and causing her tachypnea.  They are unsure why it keeps filling up so quickly, but they did said the fluid shows no sign of infection and is also benign.

Please keep everyone in your prayers today as she under goes the procedure again.  Like we said earlier, it is not invasive but they do have to put her under anesthesia takes a day or so to come out of it.  The news kind of threw everyone for a loop this morning since the last time they drained it (while Claire was still in utero) it took the cyst three weeks to accumulate back to its original size, while this time taking only 3 days.  We are hoping after this draining, the cyst will not accumulate so rapidly and buy Claire a few more weeks till she might have to have it removed.


  1. Lifting you all up, and trusting in God's goodness... Sending our love, The Duncans