Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday News

Good Morning-
I talked with Rebecca this morning and she seems to be doing well. They were doing the stress test this morning. Rebecca said she slept "ok"....just seems to be uncomfortable. Hot, cold, hungry, bored, worried, indigestion....etc. Amanda will be headed to Duke this afternoon to switch out with Sarah who has been staying with Rebecca since yesterday.

Rebecca is excited for visitors today. Many of you know, having visitors helps the day pass and keeps positive thoughts and energy around Rebecca and baby Claire.

Tuesday (October 5th) is Rebecca and Trent's wedding anniversary!

We continue to pray for strength and courage as the days pass. Every day that Claire stays put, is one day she can grow and get stronger. We pray that the hands of the doctors and nurses are filled with God's power and purpose. Rebecca and Trent thank each one of you who has prayed for them, loved them, called, texted, etc. Having such loving and faithful friends and family can make a huge difference in a person's healing.

ps- We'll have to see if we can convince Rebecca to let us take her pic so you all can see how good she is looking!! hehe :)



  1. Yes!
    We wanta Pic-ture
    We wanta Pic-ture
    We wanta Pic-ture

  2. Dear Trent, Rebecca, and Baby Claire,
    I just wanted to let ya'll know that my family and I are keeping the three of you in our prayers. As eager as Claire might be to meet Aunt Julie and the crazy uncle (James), we hope that she will stay put a little longer! Rebecca, every expectant mom has to have her bloated picture taken. You might as well give in. If it is any comfort, my nose looked like it was spread across my face like peanut butter. Please keep me updated!

    Amanda Bullock Leggett