Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Movin' on the Right side (of the NICU that is)!!

Happy (one week) birthday to Claire!!  

From the doctors on her birthday; CLAIRE IS MOVING (down the hall)!!!

I got news tonight that Claire is moving to the triage side of the NICU.  From my understanding, she was in the intensive care side of the NICU after she was born where two nurses tend to 4 babies.  The intensive care side is for babies just being born or who are in a very unstable medical condition.  In triage, she will be in a room with just one other baby.  She will still get the same care as she was receiving, but this just means that her condition has remained steady over the past couple of days and is looking to stay that way.  She has gained weight (up to 2lbs 14 oz) and has very few to no spells of apnea.  She is still off of the bilirubin light and is back on milk feedings every six hours (which means there was no sign of infection in her tummy or blood).  The surgical team decided to hold off on taking a MRI/CAT scan or ultrasound of the liver until they know more about it.  At this point the cyst is still pretty large, so Claire has to lay on her right side so it does not interfere with her other organs.

We are all very happy with her movement down the hall.  She will remain in the NICU until Christmastime, but moving down the hall is a pretty big deal concerning her health.

Rebecca and Trent continue to thank all of their visitors, kind words, thoughts, and prayers.  



  1. What GREAT news!
    Happy one week birthday Claire!
    You go girl.