Saturday, October 2, 2010

It's Saturday!

Good Morning-
I just talked to Mom and she said Rebecca is doing well! Rebecca actually got some much needed SLEEP last night!! (Mom said she even heard her snoring a little bit...hahaha). The doctors met with her this morning and told Rebecca she needs to be drinking water 24-7. Her body is a little dehydrated and they think that is what caused Rebecca to have a small contraction this morning. They are also monitoring her closely in order to detect and prevent preeclampsia. They did the stress test this morning on Claire and Rebecca.

Sarah (Trent's cousin) is headed to Duke now and will stay with Rebecca overnight. Mom may likely head back to New Bern because Dad told her the basement at home may be flooding due to all the rain! Oh boy!

Rebecca feels up for visitors! I think some new, fresh faces will help lift her spirits! The doctors are planning to do another ultrasound on Monday or Tuesday to check the liver cyst again. Let's pray the research they are doing will help them find a fix to the continual growth of the cyst. From what we are being told so far, anything new they try with the liver cyst will be experimental since this is a very rare condition. Maybe one day Claire will be famous in the textbooks for all she is going through even before entering this physical world.

Hope you all have a wonderful Saturday and enjoy this beautiful fall weather!

Since Rebecca missed her baby shower at work on Friday AND her baby shower in Pollocksville today...Let's shower her with lots of love today!!

Love y'all!

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  1. Hi Rebecca,Trent and Baby Claire,
    So happy to hear you are both doing so much better. Prayers are being answered for sure. So glad Julie has done a Blog for Baby Claire because we are all so anxious to hear about the amazing progress that you are both making. I will be up to see you soon. Love you all