Monday, October 25, 2010

A good day

Claire had another good day today - thank God!  She had a "spa day" (bath) and a cute little white and purple outfit today.  She weighed 3 lbs 13 oz tonight!  She's growing each day and becoming more alert.  She hates to lay on her back and hates to have her blood pressure taken.  But she loves her paci!  Claire had a little bit of swelling in her feet and shins today, but it seemed to be better later on tonight.  The doctor came by and said they were not going to do an ultrasound on her belly unless she became symptomatic or started having issues again.  They will keep close check on her stomach and if they have any concerns, they will test her.  They would like her to be at least 5 lbs 9 oz or more before they would want to do any surgery. 

Thank you for the continued prayers!  Claire and her family are so appreciative of each and every one of them.  Tomorrow is Trent's first birthday as a daddy!!  We both love him so much.  The perfect birthday present for him would be that Claire has another GREAT day tomorrow!  :)

The Scott Family

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