Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday Posting :)

Today Claire had a great visit with her Great Uncle Ricky and Great Aunt Pat! :)

Claire had her PIC line removed from her arm today! (Yah!) The doctors continue to have Claire on caffeine because of her breathing irregularity and continual dsats. We probably will not do more bottle feedings for a couple of weeks. Much of Claire's swelling has gone down. Her feeds are now up to 18.5ml per hour.
 Grow baby, Grow! :)

Rebecca was able to hold Claire today. The Pediatric cardiologist came by to see Claire today and said everything seems good and he wants Claire to continue to grow and get stronger. The nurses are trying to teach Claire's body how to regulate its temperature, so if she tolerates this well, she may transition out of the isolette and into a bassinet.

After a good start this morning, Claire had a cluster of Bradys (when she forgets to breath) in addition to several low dsats. Obviously this was very traumatic for Claire and Rebecca. The doctors and nurses responded quickly and she is being closely monitored. They restarted her on the cannula again to help with her breathing.

Lastly, we wanted to let everyone know that Claire will not be able to have visitors this weekend. Rebecca is headed home for some MUCH NEEDED rest and relaxation. Me, Mom, Amanda and my husband James will be rotating with each other to be with Claire. Trent and/or Rebecca have to be present to escort any visitors to see Claire. Please continue to pray for Claire's health and pray for Rebecca to have peace being away from Claire for a few days.

Aunt Julie

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