Friday, October 1, 2010

Movin' On Up!!

(It's Julie)
 Rebecca has moved up MOVED UP to the 7th Floor!! NO LONGER IN LABOR!!!

Rebecca is doing well. Dad and Phillip made it up this morning and were able to have a nice visit. Mrs. Anita and Trent & Dad and Phillip are now headed back to New Bern in lots of traffic. With all the rain, everyone is anxious to get back and check things out at Rebecca and Trent's house.

Rebecca met with the doctor this morning and they did another ultrasound. Today, the liver cyst measured 4cm. On September 3rd (at her first Duke appointment), the liver cyst measured 2cm. On September 29th, (prior to doing the procedure) the liver cyst measured 6cm. The doctors are concerned about the rapid growth of this "rare" cyst. The doctors are currently doing more research about how to manage the cyst growth. There MAY be some preliminary test results back today from those procedures, but the more specific results should be in next week.

They will do another ultrasound on Monday. There are some concerns about a placenta mass that is thickening; it is being closely watched. Claire's heart condition hasn't changed and that seems to be a secondary concern at this point. They will do a stress test on Rebecca and Claire each day for 20 minutes. Claire is positioned very low in the pelvic area.

Rebecca's health is getting stronger. She is on a solid food diet and no medications at this time. The doctors are not talking about a discharge time. The only thing they have mentioned is that IF she is allowed to leave the hospital before Claire is born, then she may need to stay/live within 1 hour of the hospital until time of delivery.

Rebecca is now on the 7th floor in the Main hospital. Her room number is 7731. She can have visitors until 9pm. As long as things continue to go well, Rebecca feels up to having visitors starting tomorrow. Mom is spending the night with her tonight. Amanda and I will be here throughout the day to help her get adjusted to the new space and nurses.

Thank you for all the prayers, phone calls, texts and facebook messages! KEEP THEM COMING! It really helps lift Rebecca's spirits to know that others are praying and supporting her! We pray the test results come back with GOOD news and that Rebecca can sleep well tonight. We hope you all are doing well and hope those of you who live in the east aren't flooded!

Love Y'all!!

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