Sunday, October 3, 2010

A message from Rebecca

Rebecca emailed me the post for tonight. It sounds like she and Amanda are having a good time together. 

If people want to send a card/note, they can send it to this address:

DUMC Unit 7700
Rebecca Scott
Room #7731
Durham, NC 27710

Got a new IV and some compression hose today.  (oh, sexy sister! hahaha)

Happy visitors today:  Cathy Banks, Amanda and Mike Ormond, Ricky and Pat Linko, Mr. and Mrs. Eller, Amanda and Colby, Melissa Diana. It was so good to see you all!! 

I got some more snacks, books, heart monitor, & flowers (from Farmer's market).

Hoping tomorrow we will find out more about the cyst (whether cancerous or not), maybe another US to check it's size, hopefully some test results back on the preeclampsia, and maybe seeing some doctors.

THANK YOU ALL for everything and the continued prayers!
Rebecca, Trent & Claire 

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