Saturday, October 9, 2010

Happy Saturday night!

I wanted to drop in and give everyone a quick update.

There hasn't been much going on today at Duke.  Claire's condition has held steady for most of the day.  Rebecca was able to hold Claire again this morning for about an hour using the technique kangaroo care!  The nurse mentioned the other day that they only allow the mother's to hold the baby for about an hour at each holding because of temperature drop, etc.  This afternoon when everyone stopped back by to see Claire, they had placed her back under the bili light because of the rise of Bilirubin in Claire's system.  Rebecca was explaining earlier that the Bilirubin is usually excreted through her feces, but since it was not excreting fast enough it builds up in Claire's body.  The bili light helps break it down so she is able to pass it via her urine.  This all ties back to her hepatic (liver) cyst.

She has also had a few more spells of apnea today, once while Rebecca was holding her.  I guess there is something comforting about your mother's embrace that you forget to breathe??  haha But all they have to do is tap her feet or back and she wakes up and breathes again.  As of right now they do not have to put a nasal cannula in for supplemental oxygen.

She remains at 2lbs 10 oz.  They want her weight to increase and are hoping that the more Rebecca is able to pump the more fat Claire will receive which will increase her weight.

Rebecca and Mom were able to break away from the hospital today and got some fresh air.  They went to Julie's in Clayton and we all had lunch and went to Target to get a few items.  We were able to print some pictures so now everyone has their own BRAG BOOK of Baby Claire!!  So make sure to ask for pictures the next time you see anyone!!

Well that is all for the night; we will update you tomorrow!!

Sweet dreams!

Aunt 'Manda  

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    Gooooo Claire!
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