Sunday, October 10, 2010

She is sweet as Sunday afternoons!

I just heard some good news to start a week of right!

-  After Claire's assessment today, we found out that her Bilirubin has dropped down to a 5.9, but they plan on keeping the bili lights on her for at least another day.

-  Claire's calcium level is holding steady

-  Her hematocrite is still around 40.  I believe Rebecca said they would like it to be between 40-50.

-  We did find out that she has a Brain Bleed, level 1.  This is common amongst preemie babies and can go up to a level 4.  This is because the brain of a premature baby is very immature and because of that immaturity the fragile blood vessels tend to rupture more easily.  Level 1 is a very small amount of blood occurring on the brain and most times it will clear up and cause no harm to the baby.  They plan waiting to do another Ultrasound on her brain until Claire is 30 days old, unless they see any signs of it changing.

-  She has been able to digest most of her milk so they are increasing feedings from every 6 hours, to every 4 hours.

-  Lastly, Rebecca was able to get in 1 hr 15 mins of Kangaroo care again today!  

Please continue to keep Rebecca, Trent, and Claire in your thoughts and prayers.  They are adjusting to being new parents while having their baby at Duke.  It is not easy being away from home; as much as not being able to take your new baby home.  We thank everyone always for each special thought, prayer and concern.    


  1. It sounds like she is moving in the right direction!

  2. Good news! : ) Checking in everyday for updates! Praying daily for Claire's healing along with strength and peace for each of you! Love, Lindsay

  3. That is great news!!! Praying all the time for you guys, Claire is so strong and so is her mommy and daddy!! love, Amy